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Hello, Amity. Welcome to the forum.

I hope we can help you cure your infestation, but you have to understand that this will be impossible unless you’re going to listen to what the experts tell you, otherwise, to be quite honest, you’re on the wrong forum and you’re wasting your time.

Those of us who have cured or are very close to a cure have done so by doing what is required by the forum protocol and diet. That’s the bottom line, and to be honest we are not aware of a cure that is possible without this, otherwise, we probably would have used it.

It’s especially hard because not only am I a college student with an incredibly demanding schedule, I’m a college athlete with an even more demanding caloric and carbohydrate intake.

When you type something like that, please try to keep in mind that there are many other forum members; and a mother with several children, a house to run, and a fulltime job also lives a very demanding schedule. You can say the same about a man who works 12-hour days at a demanding and physically draining job and also has a family to take care of among other responsibilities. Being a college athlete during your treatment is your choice and decision, the mothers and fathers with their various schedules have no choice.

I’m known for being somewhat ‘brutally’ honest when it comes to the treatment, which some people seem to dislike about me, but several of us have been through the treatment and we’re aware of what it requires. Also, we are of no help to you if we whitewash the treatment and tell you to continue what you’re doing with a slight change of diet and everything will be just fine. Because the truth is, if being an athlete requires that you rely “heavily on carbs, both wheat based and sugar based” which means “lots of pasta, lots of white rice and all that” you’re probably not going to reach a cure of the infestation, possibly a milder case, but I wouldn’t expect anything more.

ideas on how to get proper nutrients and enough calories, etc.

The protocol and the vitamin/supplement post cover all of that.


Oral Thrush Remedy

The closest substitute for a carbohydrate food is probably the coconut flour bread recipe the members use.

I’m already a very fit and healthy ..

If you have a Candida albicans infestation in your body, I’m afraid I have to question that.

Good luck.