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Hi Able,

thanks for your reply

Unfortunately it appears that the normal Dutch diet is the same as a normal American diet, or in other words, one of the worst diets one can have when it comes to building your health and a healthy immune system. To put it as plain as I can, Robin, once you have a really bad Candida albicans infestation, you won’t be able to eat that way on a regular basis, otherwise you’ll only reestablish the population of the Candida and the infestation will return.

Yeah, I know that now, because I experienced exactly this, but that is fine with me as well, because I would rather feel healthy than sick.

I assume this happens only during a detox period, or not?

Yes, but now my illness has really come to this point of no way out. I am too sick not to go on a diet or detox, but when I do a detox I get so sick I cannot do anything but stay in bed and suffer…

So, I kinda felt what you were saying

In fact, in your present condition, I would advise against any type of detox period.

So I also thought I should just go on a diet, or even ease into it. But I am kind of confused why I cannot take chicken or meat if I want to get rid of the candida. I only eat organic meat so there won’t be any anti-biotics in it. (I don’t eat chicken because here in the Netherlands the organic chicken has antibiotics in it as well even though they don’t give them anti-biotics)

What is the amount of mcg’s on the label for each pill?

It’s 400 mcg

Can you tolerate eggs?

Yes, I can have eggs, no problem. As for vegetables, I can get most of them listed on the website, but I don’t so well on cabbage or peas. However, to buy it organic is less easy.

the goldenseal root and the swedish bitters and black walnut contain all over 40% alcohol, is that ok, because if alcohol (sugars) feed candida it’s not so smart right?