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Sorry for my english 🙂

Your English is excellent, Robin, in fact I would have assumed you were in the USA or England if you hadn’t posted your location.

When I got off the diet I started eating the way all Dutch people do. Bread for breakfast and lunch, potatoes during dinner. A lot of fruit and a lot of bread. I don’t eat pasta though because that makes me sick instantly. But we also tend to put chocolate sprinkles on our sandwiches and chocolate spread. Real good stuff 🙂

Unfortunately it appears that the normal Dutch diet is the same as a normal American diet, or in other words, one of the worst diets one can have when it comes to building your health and a healthy immune system. To put it as plain as I can, Robin, once you have a really bad Candida albicans infestation, you won’t be able to eat that way on a regular basis, otherwise you’ll only reestablish the population of the Candida and the infestation will return.

I was taking molybdenum, but I get a fever, an awful headache, so cold that I have to wear two pairs of pants and turn the heating up until it gets really warm and a lot of pain in my bowels. I am also really nauseas all the time.

I assume this happens only during a detox period, or not?

I was wondering how much molybdenum you would advice on taking? The package I ordered from the UK says only one tablet a day…

What is the amount of mcg’s on the label for each pill?

But I have experienced it’s worse when I only take liquids, if I eat vegetables it’s better, but still horrible. Tomorrow I will start with the cleanse in which I can eat the vegetables. Maybe I can do the more kind one and after I got a bit better go to a more profound cleanse to get rid of everything.

Robin, not even a profound cleanse can get rid of “everything.” In fact, in your present condition, I would advise against any type of detox period. First you need to work on your general well being and the nausea and sickness you’ve experienced. Can you tolerate eggs? Also please give me a list of the green vegetables that you’re able to obtain. I’ll write more after I receive your answer about the eggs and vegetables.

Thanks for the quick reply you sent back.