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I am sorry about the pain you are in. Have you thought of a possible parasite problem along with Candida? I just relate a lot to your post and for me personally the problem is not just Candida. I also have read somewhere that there is evidence that a certain parasite causes Fibromyalgia symptoms, if I remember correctly. I believe it was on a doctor website that everyone highly recommends but now I cant find it. lol So I don’t know how accurate my memory is.

Here is a link to this doctors book that has something about fibromyalgia and how it might be an underline infection or infestation.

Also, I have been told it is all in your head and also tried to push through it. My dad grew up on a farm and I was always taught that pain is just a part of life and with will power you could solve anything. But this is not the case in many situation. If will power along could fix me, I think I would be fixed already. Instead things just slowly got worse and worse. Though I am thankful I learned this from my dad because will power sure helps keeping you going 😀
Hope you feel better soon and I hope this info helps,