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This is so funny that this is the very first post I’m seeing. I just joined seconds ago because I wanted to know whether I can eat goat cheese on the anti-candida diet.

I suffered from leaky gut for years before I knew what it was. Then it was about another 18 months before I came across something that helped. A naturopath recommended a diet for me that included dairy.I told her I can’t tolerate dairy and she suggested goat cheese. Within 1 week of eating fresh, organic goat cheese, my stomach inflammation and leaky gut had improved tremendously. That was 4 months ago. I’ve eaten a small portion, 1 tbl. daily since that time. I did some research and apparently, goat milk molecules are much smaller than cow milk’s. for some reason, goat milk cheese is very good for inflammation (I can’t remember if the same goes for goat milk). I think my leaky gut is gone.

Anyway, today is the second day of a super strict diet to combat yeast, bacteria and fungus. I’m only eating nuts, nut butters (no pistachios for now), green leafy veggies, chicken, fish, water — everything organic. I’m unsure about the goat cheese. Maybe is should
eat it for the first week or month…? I’m actually a bit scared to stop eating it, since I was taking it medicinally.

Okay, just found this on Livestrong:
Certain cheeses are restricted on the candida diet. In general, you must eliminate cheeses aged for more than six months. Aged cheeses contain mold that can trigger candida growth, according to the website Candida Solutions. Therefore, all candida dieters should avoid Blue, Gorgonzola, Roquefort and other cheeses containing mold. Most people suffering from candidiasis can eat goat cheese, Feta, cream cheese or Mozzarella without trouble. Use caution when eating aged Cheddar, Romano or Parmesan cheeses, which can cause candida growth.

Great! I’ll stick with a small portion…