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raster;56235 wrote: In order to improve constipation you have to do it long term typically. For me, this took a few years to get to 3 bm’s per day from .5 per day.

A few factors have helped me improve constipation:

-Chewing my food thoroughly each meal (30+ times per each bite).
-Healing my liver and related organs. If your liver is doing great, then it can process all of the junk easily.
-Eating plenty of food. If you don’t eat enough then you won’t crap much…
-Specific supplements helped greatly such as L-glutamine, probiotis, and digestive enzymes.


Exactly what he said, for me I basically had to learn how to eat, chewing food properly b/c digestion begins in the mouth, taking small bites, recognizing when I’m full and eating meals that I can easily digest. I’ve only been using bitters and digestive enzymes for about 4 weeks but there’s already some improvement with bowels movements being more regular. Drinking water throughout the day helps as well.