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Kristy;36312 wrote: This is not a headache and is actually completely unlike anything else. I used to have migraines but have not had a single one since the head pressure started. I an not sure why this is and no one has offered any ideas or solutions.

Just to specify this head pressure is not a headache and it is “painless” although I would much rather have one of my migraines than have this head pressure. My veins in my forehead and the rest of my body become about 5-10 times larger in size when this happens. My veins used to get a little bigger with my migraines but this is totally different and I can assure you this is not a migraine. I have only found one or two other people who have described this similarly to myself. One of them has the Fluoroquinolone toxicity like I do and another is someone I found online that claimed to have candida but there most recent post I could find was from about 5 years ago and I cannot contact them nor have I ever found out if they got better.