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unlike u i dont believe or trust in media hype i get my news from independent media sources like or and many others .It seems u are the one afraid .I think vaccines destroy the immune system and are the cause of not only autism but many other diseases .It is the combination of all of them at once and the combination of the chemicals that cause these reactions and deaths .

Before the 80s we were not givin so many vaccines and there wasent over 30 different toxic chemicals in them either !Autism is a new disease that came out soon after they added to the vaccination schedule .There was no epidemic or other reason for this my personal belief would be that it is a way to decrease population .

Ive seen my baby healthy while other vaccinated babies unfortunately have the flu ,breast feeding is the only way to ensure a babies immune system vaccines do nothing but harm their bodies with chemicals hazardous to their health .There even trying hep b vaccines in hr old newborns out the womb !!!!

If thats not a red flag i dont know what is i could post a ton of statistics on the dangerous substances ,infant deaths ,autism ,but it is a matter of opinion so im not wasting my time .I will just say its rude to assume i am not religious and am afraid as i am in fact religious and it certainly seems u are afraid with all your talk about how unvaccinated people are going to spread disease I dont know what u got that from lol but the truth is vaccines are not necessary and damage the immune system

Syphilis was injected and created thru a vaccine ,aids was given to children in Africa thru a vaccine , i know more kids and people who got the flu shot and then got the flu the nxt day its ridiculous !