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Oh thanks Jackie so much for your very thoughtful post… and for you & your husbands prayers. It means so much.

I really don’t know what to advice re visiting the doc. I wouldn’t have taken the antibiotics 3 weeks ago, that’s why I didn’t go to the doctor but I think I would have taken the steroid cream and so may have been slightly further ahead on my progress now. I had used a friends steroid cream on my face and that healed almost overnight… and so I was relatively content to see how the rest of the rash healed without steroid help and concentrated on detox & relaxation & meditation.

Keep up the oil pulling & kefir gargling (that’s a new one on me!!) – Make sure you don;t swallow anything you’ve gargled with though as you’ll be swallowing down the nasties. Have you tried gargling salt water? As much salt as will dissolve in water and then gargle – that helped me most. Some people use tea tree oil but i’ve never fancied trying that.

Thanks again for thoughts and prayers.

Blessings at Christmas,