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Back in the beginning of August I started a strict candida diet – veggies and meat. Nothing else. I followed it strictly for about 2 1/2 months and then slowly began adding in brown rice, oatmeal then a few fruits. I have worked my way up to basically eating gluten-free and no refined sugar. While on the diet, my oral thrush went away and I thought the anal yeast had (although I still had the symptoms – I thought it was a bad hemhorroid – silly me). The anal yeast never really went away, but I didn’t realize that’s what it was until it started to spread out practically onto my legs. So, the diet apparently didn’t do much for me.

Currently, I’m taking:

Caprylic acid (Candidastat) 4 a day for almost two months
Nystatin tablets (500000) 4 a day for almost three months
Various vitamins as prescribed by my ND
Primal Defense Ultra – 6 a day for two weeks
GSE – once a day off and on for two months
Tea tree oil & Boric acid ointment topically
GSE enemas – 3 or 4 times a week

I rotated my diet religiously for the first few months. Now, not so much. Especially since my food allergy testing came back only with the gluten intolerance. I’m wondering if I need to start all over again? I’m also considering stronger Rx antifungals. Is it possible that the candida is not so much throughout my digestive system but is just hanging onto the lower bowel?

Sorry so long…thanks.