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Hello, Oak, welcome to the forum. My comments to your post are below.

Quote: “I’d like to try a stronger RX antifungal, but I don’t know.”

Reply: You can continue to try different and more powerful antifungals (both prescription and over the counter) for the next 30 years, but you won’t cure your Candida infestation until you stop feeding them and change the environment of their home, that being your intestines and colon.
As long as you’re killing the Candida with antifungals and then feeding them you’ll remain on the cycle of killing and replenishing the infestation, a never-ending journey.

Quote: The anal yeast never really went away, but I didn’t realize that’s what it was until it started to spread out practically onto my legs. So, the diet apparently didn’t do much for me.

Reply: The first diet was apparently working, you wrote that while on the diet the oral thrush went away. That’s a big improvement, but then you started feeding the Candida again before it was completely under control; a very common mistake (rice, oatmeal and fruit).

The fact that you’re taking Primal Defense is no doubt part of your problem. This contains Saccharomyces boulardii which is a soil-based probiotic and not what you need to cure a fungus overgrowth. S. boulardii doesn’t colonize in the human intestinal tract, plus it isn’t one of the micro-organisms that normally inhabits the intestines. What you want is a micro-organism which is a normal and natural inhabitant of the human digestive tract that will colonize and multiply in your intestines and colon. Look for MegaFlora made by MegaFood, 20 billion count, 14 strains. Whichever probiotic you purchase, be sure to find one that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, this is instrumental in treating a Candida infestation.

Quote: Is it possible that the candida is not so much throughout my digestive system but is just hanging onto the lower bowel?

Reply: It really doesn’t matter one way or another, the point is that the infestation is in your body for certain and it’s not getting any smaller at the moment.

Read the protocol and the allowed foods list which is linked in the post.

If you have questions just ask, someone will always be willing to help you here.