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butters;56603 wrote: I have been on a candida diet for about a week. My wonderful functional medicine doctor is treating me for it. I have been managing ok, but I’m pretty tired of what I’m eating. I don’t have much appetite anyway (which was one of my symptoms before the diet). I’ve been having die-off reactions but I am starting to feel better. I need some creative help with food. I really don’t want to “redo” things I used to eat. For example, I made coconut flour pancakes and flourless chocolate cake with stevia and they were both terrible (and it’s not for lack of trying- I am an accomplished baker!).

Here is what I currently eat:
Zinke almond butter (this stuff is amazing)
Nuts and seeds except cashews and peanuts
Homemade turkey breakfast sausage
Plain greek yogurt with stevia, flax and frozen organic berries
Munching vegetables (peppers, cucumbers, etc) dipped in Tahini dip or homemade guacamole
Organic lunchmeat
Hard cheeses like cheddar and parmesan (my doc said these were ok, very low lactose)
An occasional Zevia soda
Coconut oil (tastes best mixed with almond butter)
Canned chicken with tofu mayonnaise
Green salad with a couple of Annie’s Naturals dressings (vinegar and sugar free). But these dressings are average at best.
Jicama Fries. I love these.

Tomorrow I am going to buy plain kefir, quinoa, and fish.

It sounds like a lot but I am getting really sick of it. Plus, I am cooking other foods for my husband and 3 young children.

I would love to have any ideas for simple meals. I don’t want to go buy exotic things like almond flour, etc. I am not a wimp in the kitchen (really!), I just want to keep things simple until I feel a lot better.

Thanks a bunch!

I’ve also been disappointed in the results of quite a few coconut recipes which have ended up in the bin. But I have found one bread which I quite like
which doesn’t have that dreadful ‘eggy’ taste – I’m sure you could substitute some other kind of nut butter for the cashew. And stevia works quite as well as honey. It keeps for quite a few days and the recipe is quite forgiving. I’ve used yoghurt instead of almond milk and not bothered to beat the egg whites separately and it still turned out fine.

I made a really nice (but tiny) chocolate cake yesterday with almond flour and stevia and will post the recipe when I have scaled the quantities up and converted to American measures. It was meant for snacks throughout the week but sadly I’ve already eaten most of it!