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Hi there
I had 3 wisdom teeth removed about 5 years ago. It was a positive experience for me for I wasn’t in pain afterwards. I didn’t have to take any pain meds. I just went to bed and slept for a few hours.My mouth healed very quickly. They removed one by one; each one in 7-day increments. It took my doctor 10-15 minutes to remove one tooth. Really , I had nothing to complaint about. They stitched me up and 2 weeks later, I went back to remove the stitches.
What you can do is to make a vegetable soup – blend it into a thick sauce-like texture. Also, you can make yourself a snack from coconut flour and avocado (posted on this forum in Snacks/Treats section) . Everything you eat needs to be soft,chewable and non-sharp…I would stay away from salads and nuts, meat for the first two days after the surgery.
Be sure to take some extra doses of Vit.C to help you heal.