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Few things 1 would want to suggest:

1) Quinoa is a psudo grain. I eat that and i do not have any big reaction. Again each one is different but you could give it a try.
2) I eat only Fresh cooked food. I tend to have reaction with cold and heavy foods.
3) Are you drinking enough water?
4) If you have serious yeast infection may be you should consider talking to your doctor about prescription antifungals like Diflucan.
5) You could try topical application of antifungal cream called Clotrimazole 1% (over the counter at cvs)
This has worked for me.
6) You can also try deep breathing excercises and yoga. Specially “Pranayama” Which is Yogic breathing.
7) Also you might want to include excercise into your routine.
Most importantly “Listen to your body”

Hope you get better soon 🙂