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Thanks for all of the replies. I think I need to clarify that I didn’t do a 7-day cleanse/detox… I basically started on phase 1 of the candida diet after taking 3 weeks worth of humaworm and am still taking the humaworm. Ingredients as follows:

Black Walnut 200mg
Wormwood 100mg
Cloves 100mg
Thyme 100mg
Garlic 200mg
Fennel 100mg
Cayenne 100mg
Ginger 100mg
Gentian 100mg
Hyssop 100mg
Milk Thistle 100mg
Marshmallow root 100mg
Pau D’ Arco 200mg
Burdock 100mg
Elecampane 100mg
Fenugreek 100mg
Licorice 100mg
Barberry 200mg
Cascara Sagrada 25mg
Senna 25mg
Sage 100mg
Psyllium 200mg
Yellow Dock 100mg
Cramp Bark 100mg
Peppermint 200mg

The Humaworm website mentioned that no exclusions needed to be made to a persons diet and those taking the supplements could eat anything carbs, sugars, etc including everything listed on the do not eat list. I was eating everything in sight for about 1 1/2 weeks before finding the candida diet website. That being said I wanted to know if I should start from the beginning and perform the 7-day cleanse and/or discontinue taking Humaworm even though I am on the 2nd week of the phase 1 diet.

Did the website you mentioned talk about “parasites” as you typed in your post, or did it actually mention “Candida”?

They actually mentioned both. Humaworm said that most people take the Humaworm cleanse before taking their Candida and Fungi cleanse.

I just want to know that I’m not causing any irreparable harm to my body. Please help!!!