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Able900 wrote:

Raspberries have far and away the lowest amount of sugar. They have about the same amount as a turnip (4%)

If anyone’s interested, the difference between raspberries and turnips is, turnips contain antifungal properties but raspberries don’t. Turnips are a member of the same family of vegetables as rutabagas, the most powerful antifungal-food source available. That’s why turnips are on the strict diet and raspberries are not; it’s another situation seen often on the diet which is, “The positive far outweighs the negative.”


So this goes for rhubarb too? It has antifungal properties which outweighs the negative.

Do you have a source where one can read more about the antifungal properties of rhubarb and rutabaga? I don’t seem to find any information myself. The only thing I find is “Note that eating rutabaga may increase candida because of their high glycemic index.“(Which I assume is a false statement)

I found this on the forum: (split information as usual when it comes to candida :-p)