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Yes, the chemicals are a big deal still!!

I have switched to using all-natural body care products for shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, detergent and even make-up. I did this swith actually about a year ago when I began noticing the severe skin issues associated with the candida.

Recently, I have switched to using natural cleaning products as well so our apartment is chemical free now!

However, I have issues with other peoples perfume or the cleaning products they use at work. It isn’t a huge issue because I can step away. However, my body starts sending off warning signals as soon as someone pulls out the windex – my head starts to ache and I begin to sneeze and feel my sinuses swell.

I love the suggestion of rose oil! I will definitely look into that! Honestly, with the candida I feel I make lifestyle decisions that I am more proud of… and I can smell like roses 🙂

My favourite that I would suggest is using the tea tree oil bar soap. Especially if you can find a blend with lavender. It has helped, alongside the protocol, my skin significantly.

David –

Ah, I see!

It took my friend about a year on a strict diet (v. similar to the 2nd and 3rd stage of the website diet) to recover.

She says she can eat things with sugars, yeast, or other ‘banned’ items now but only in moderation. She is very aware and in tune with her body and is careful with how much and how often she consumes ‘treats’. She certainly enjoys the occasional beer now, post recovery-year. However, if she notices any issues or symptoms she goes back to the candida diet. She went through recovery a few years ago and noted that every so often, maybe once a year she will do a month of candida diet again.

I will have to ask her about the last two bits on how long it took for her pink tounge to appear – all I know is that it took her a year to fully recover. And I am not quite sure what she takes for antifungals currently. She was actually told by an acupuncturist about the candida diet and her suggestions on vitamins and antifungals were different than the ones suggested here on the website.

Titan –

I eat greek plain organic yogurt post workout. I am not sure if that too needs to be eaten on an empty stomach though you are probably correct. I will have to double check that. And, I usually wait three hours in between eating any meals/snacks.

I did avoid eating the yogurt for a while (forgive me, I can’t recall how long it acutally was but I am going to guess a month). I started with the probiotic pill first and then added the yogurt too. I kind of gave it a test run before fully incorporating it into my diet.

On another note:

I take a water bottle to work every day. I find it extremely important that I thoroughly wash and rinse it out between uses. If ever I forget and take a swig – itchy throat on the spot. This itchy throat buisness serves as my red flag. I use it as an indicator where I need to make a revision. Listening to your body is hard, and probably different for everybody, but this is one of my signs that somethings up for sure.

Going through all of ‘this’, I picked up some other lifestyle changes that although not specific to candida recovery can only help the process.

Spending more time outdoors, fresh air, and enjoying hiking. Walking to the grocery store and riding my bike to work.

I also wake up and go to bed earlier optimizing daylight hours. Morning sun does wonders for your mood and sleep cycle. . Plus, of course, without the caffeine sleeps comes so naturally now!

I take things a lot slower. Obviously, going out to a restaurant has been eliminated and buying things fresh means more prep time in the kitchen. But it’s so theraputic and rewarding.

De-stressing cannot be overstated. I find myself doing a lot of self-talk now which I would have found completely bonkers before. Calming myself down, deep breathing, enjoying more. Simple, but difficult. I think people going through severe candida issues have to build a new relationship with their body and their mind too.