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Yep….was really really BAD for a long time. Started during a period of going meat heavy and loading up on probiotics. Able counseled me about how meat causes ammonia which seemed to make sense but, discontinuing meat didn’t rid me of the bloating/gas. In hindsight, you are correct in yogurt making it worse. That happens to me as well.

A practitioner suggested discontinuing the pro-biotics since they had seen people really do a number on themselves with them but, I’m not too sure it’s good advice (think she was concerned about SIBO). The forum experts would highly disagree with this approach. I still get some probitoics daily but, not the 50+billion I was taking back then.

This past week I got away from all yogurt and bloating got MUCH better. MUCH BETTER.

So, yes you are not alone…..think able’s post about acids in probiotics/lactose has a lot to do with what we experienced as it makes sense. We’ll see, I hope to start reintroducing yogurt again this week which should shed some light on my situation.