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Hello, Katy.

Oat bran is a definite plus on the diet in mine as well as many other opinions. Oat bran as well as rice bran are both types of prebiotics, or foods that feed the beneficial flora in our bodies, and the flora are a big part in ridding the body of Candida.
The flora are actually communities of good bacteria which release gases that in turn act as powerful antifungals which can destroy the Candida. We literally cannot completely cure a Candida infestation without enough flora to keep it under control once we’ve succeeded in killing enough of it.

FOS, or Fructooligosaccharides (say that ten times fast) are complex carbohydrates, which means of course that it will break down very slowly in your system and has a low glycemic index. But still, some ‘experts’ believe that FOS can feed and/or aggravate Candida, and of course, lots of probiotic formulas contain FOS.
Personally, I can’t see how FOS would be any different from oat bran or any other complex carb that most of us obtain during the diet. I never used it myself, not because I thought it would do more harm than good, it was just something I never got around to trying. I’m sure there are hundreds of products that I and others never get around to testing simply because there are so many.

Take care.