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Vegan Catlady
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Jessgentry26;56410 wrote: Hey Vegan Catlady, I couldn’t find your previous question thread so I’m posting here for your much needed advice. 🙂
I have now found new information about my state of health.
I recently went to an infectious disease specialist where he took a sample of an irritated part of my colon and immediately examined it under a microscope. He found an amoeba ( E. Histolotica ) and NO signs of Candida (he also took blood) I’ve been on two medicines (one was a three day medicine called Tindanzole, the other 10 day Paromycine) However, I just had terrible sugar cravings today, and i’m still always eating. Could this be from the amoeba or could he have missed the candida? I don’t know what to think! Can amoebas cause sugar cravings and similar symptoms like candida?

The little research I did on your infection tells me it is very common,and sugar cravings arent typical.
I think its still possible it is a symptom of this amoeba, because dehydration/diarrhea/frequent evacuating could cause cravings of different things because you are losing electrolytes.

My personal opinion,however, is that since candida-overgrowth is not an illness but a symptom of an illness….its still very likely that you are bordering on this as well.
Candida is located in so many different areas, that its possible the candida was missed.

I used to get very specific, looking for labels and then attacking (through medications) those specific labels (like your E. Histolotica or my endometriosis,ect) but I have learned through Dr Morse that its really much more simple and we complicate it.

Get the glands and organs working proper, and then your body wants to heal itself.

I think the meds you are taking are very typical (webmd mentioned them exactly 🙂 )
and I think after 2 weeks you will know if the sugar craving are about this or not.

Otherwise, Im more inclined to think sugar craving come from *any* illness/imbalance that causes blood-sugar levels to fluctuate, this includes low-carb diets,kidney weakness,and adrenal exhaustion.
But seriously, figuring it all out can make you crazy and it gets expensive…and I had to learn that the hard way.
I eventually said F-it, call it whatever you want but im just going to get my body back into balance and let it fix itself.

If after your meds you are still having issues, I would consider an herbal protocol that will support your body in healing itself so that you dont have to worry about catching this-or-that. Cellular Botanicals puts out a tincture called ParasiteM that deals with ALL KINDS of amoebas/viruses/bacterium/fungi….not just one but all…because none of us really know how many of these things we carry around with us at all times until we look for them,right?

A healthy body gets rid of excessive numbers of these things all by itself <3