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alexparginos wrote: why oatbran and not oats? why eggs are better than chicken and chicken is better than red meat?

It really depends on the oats. Oat bran made by Bob’s Red Mill is normally safe because of the way it’s made plus it’s food for the beneficial bacteria. If you want a different type of oat for the diet, “raw oat groats” would be excellent if you can find them locally, and I’m sure they’re available online. Be sure that the package reads “raw” and “groats” otherwise it’s not going to be correct and will probably feed the Candida.

Eggs are not meat, and they contain far less ammonia than the actual animal does.

The reason meat is unsafe is the higher levels of ammonia which are released in the body during the breakdown of the proteins. Ammonia is a toxin which benefits the environment of the Candida plus it adds a heavier load of toxins for the already overworked liver to deal with.