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raster wrote: My naturopath recommends eating meat to any vegetarians and/or vegan people because of this reason…I am glad you tried it out and had a good experience.

I actually recently ate some fish for the first time in years and actually liked it. It was at a fancy french restaurant at the coast for a special occasion; I had to cheat it up!

Would you rather choose from:
-veggie pasta

I chose the salmon even though I don’t like seafood lol.


I have a Bioquantum Feedback specialist coming out to see me next month,she asked me what my blood type (not sure) and told me to eat meat.There’s no way I could digest meat,I had no problem with the fish..but also for ethical issues (I say this as I eat fish ha ha ha ).Fish is enough for me I feel.My body can’t wait for lunch! It’s like,when am I going to have that yummy filet again!? hahaha.I haven’t had this much energy and alertness is SO long!
I would choose salmon.Seafood…ugh,except for salmon! The few times I’ve had shrimp or other seafood,so gross.Yet salmon is so healthy,full of protein,vitamins,minerals,essential fatty acids,there are so many studies done where moods are heightened,joint and bone issues really is a miracle fish.I love you salmon! LOL ! So funny as I was such a strict vegan for two years….hehehehheehhehehehe.