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I have been in this dizziness state for the past 3 months. Not as bad. but, a very similar feeling I had during die-off on first week on the diet. I started the diet around 5 months ago and couldn’t even stand up during initial die-off, but after die-off I was in good health. Then after 2 months on the diet I started to feel some dizziness and was follow by a back pain and breathing difficulties. Now those has mostly gone but the dizziness remains.

I could not function at all at work. Driving to work is already hard enough. The symptoms mostly appears very strong around 10am-11am in the morning. After lunch, sometime it gets better and re-appear around 3pm. so, empty stomach seems to increase the symptoms. so, I am snacking all day long to reduce the symptoms.

I have been very skeptical and suspect it is unrelated to my candida because my flare symptoms has been mostly gone due to the diet, anti-fungal and probiotik. However, US$3000 worth of doctor tests all seems to be fine and could not find any cause for my dizziness symptoms.

It has been the most challenging time of my life.

If this is related to Candida. Is it a die-off or a Candida symptoms?could die-off lasted for this long?