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Kodaz, just so you know, Floggi is someone that works for Big Pharma and gets paid to infiltrate forums like this to mislead people. Anyone reading his posts should do pretty much the opposite of whatever he says.

Cj, since you had a reaction after having your first set of amalgams removed I’m going to ahead and say that mercury is almost certainly a problem for you. Have you heard of Andy Cutler and his chelation protocol? It’s by far the safest and most effective protocol focused on detoxing mercury IMO. I have to highly recommend you check out his book Amalgam Illness. I’m sure you will relate with what he has to say. Here’s an amazon link:

If you want to preview the book before buying or simply don’t have the money here’s a torrent:

Also, here’s an incredibly useful site with lots of information that should be pertinent to you: