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HeatherJ;48153 wrote: It sounds interesting…and gross. What I read on Google was sort of promising. But, I will let you go first and wait for your post…

However, this did seem less gross after I watched this video about poo wine: be warned, after she takes a good drink, gets tipsy, and leaves, she gets really ill.

What IS interesting is that there is a Korean medical tradition (and museum) that centers around using fermented poo.

And, there was an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which they did this process, but through the nose-far less effective, from what I read.

hahaha, that was so funny, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the end! It seems the concept goes further back than I thought, if there’s one thing for sure though, I won’t be using Dr. Lee Chang Soo’s wacky methods.