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shayfo;43425 wrote: It’s the only cooking oil I use, and I also eat it straight off the spoon. It’s mostly cool enough where I am that my coconut oil stays solid or semi-solid. I have also added some to hot herbal tea, since the flavor is so mild.

I don’t remember exact amounts, but if you haven’t had any yet, probably take a couple of teaspoons the first few days to see how much die-off it gives you before adding any more. Coconut oil is a really powerful antifungal, so taking too much too soon can be a real kick in the face. You’ll want to gradually work up to approximately 4 tablespoons a day, over the course of a few weeks. Always back off if your die-off seems too intense — you don’t want to hurt your liver or kidneys. You shouldn’t start coconut oil (or any antifungals) until you’ve been on molybdenum amino acid chelate for a few days.

Thanks again! That is very helpful.

I’ve been on the diet for about 8 days now and am going through noticeable die off even without antifungals. I am going to wait until my molybedum gets here in the mail to really start kicking it up a notch. I tested 1 olive leaf extract pill today and my body aches ramped up quite a bit so I’m probably going to leave it alone until the weekend and hope the molyB gets here this week.

One other question. When you were going through die off, did you notice that the die off always steadily progressed as the day went on? Like I notice in the morning the body aches are almost non existed. My head feels very foggy but not as achy as later in the day. I’m assuming that’s because when you sleep, your body does its best detoxing?