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meeshe11e;59695 wrote: I’m reading this thread and thinking I’m probably going through the same thing. Two years ago we moved into a lovely little home. I work from home, so I was excited that we had a finished room in the basement that I could convert into my home office. Shortly after, I started getting sick with sinus infection after sinus infection. The first year it was just one or two, but by the second year it was three or four. I kept on going on antibiotics, two courses were usually needed in order to wipe it out, so I would say I’ve been on 20 days of antibiotics every four months. But lately, I’ve noticed that antibiotics weren’t even helping anymore. I started doing research and realized that I most likely was dealing with a mold issue. I moved my office upstairs, and my husband took apart the framing in our basement only to find a crack in our foundation. There wasn’t a ton of mold, it was just in a couple stud planks and fiberglass. I had been working every day down there for the last two years. I started taking Quertecin with Bromeline to treat my sinus issues (they have improved so so much) all sorts of vitamins, and I’ve been on the candida diet for about two weeks now, with terrible die-off symptoms. I’ve ordered diffusers and essential oils to help, but I feel like I’m grasping at straws. The drs haven’t been much help, they just throw prescriptions at me and send me on my way. I don’t think my condition has gotten as bad what you’re all seeing, because I don’t have any rashes or nausea, but I feel like there must be something going on because I’ve had all these sinus infections, low energy and just generally feeling tired and sick. We are filling the crack that was bringing in water and causing the humidity, and I’ve read that ‘thieves’ essential oil can help clean the air, but I just had some questions. How do I find out how severe my candida? Is there any advice that you can throw my way since you dealt with it too?

From my experience with mold, the very first thing I did was GTFO and not be around it any longer. This meant moving out of my apartment for me and throwing away my new $1000 mattress and sanitizing all of my possessions. I don’t think you can determine how severe of a case you have but you can determine whether it is a problem or not for you (diagnosis) by taking the candia5 test. You could also get tested with an allergist potentially and/or get stool tests: