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Thanks s., I was doing research and found that mold can cause candiditis. The md did prescibe me the clotrimazole and it helped. Did you take anti-fungals also for your rash? My blood sugar seemed to run low in the beginning of the diet and now its seems ok. I am still staying on diet because I feel I need to get to my clean place and detox from the mold and I don’t want rashes coming back. This sure turned my world upside down. Who would have ever known mold could be the culprit. As for my stuff, its easy to rid but hard to replace but if I want to get better its going to have to happen. A website said to throw away anything pourous (anything made out of paper, fabric, cardboard, leather, etc.) including mattress. Of course my bed is one of the expensive mattresses. Since I rent I also was able to find and personal injury attorney to look into this for me. I am getting a mold test done here after I’m out and the place has been closed up for a couple days. (better concentrations)(air and swab testing). Right now all windows are open and my bedroom is now in the living room with windows open 24hrs and mold room is sealed off. Anyways, thank you for sharing. I will keep posted of what my finding are.