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Able, I would greatly appreciate the info on the other diet.

Check your private messages, Kate.

I have spent about $200 on different coconut oils. I have not tried TT yet. Which kind would you suggest. They have a gold and green label right?

That’s right, this is a brand that I know to be ‘fermented’ or ‘wet-milled’ virgin oil.

Right now I have Artisana coconut oil. I talked to the guy on the phone and he said he has a close friend with corn allergy who uses it regularly. Thats why I figured she must be allergic. Her throat burns really bad. But now EVERYTHING burns her throat. I tried last night, I put it on her pasta.

Kate, if you can manage, I would try not to feed her anything that isn’t on the strict diet that I’m sending you, otherwise, giving the Candida foods that they can easily eat (such as pasta) is only going to prolong the infestation at it’s worse, this means more pain and suffering for your daughter in the long run.

It burned and she had a few more hives then usual. But maybe it was just too much for her. I didn’t think of that. I am going to try 1/8 teaspoon and see how she does. Should I do it just straight?

Doing the coconut oil straight will burn her throat worse. I would see if she can eat the bread recipe; make it with buckwheat or Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran (try to avoid quinoa if possible). If she can eat either bread, you could put the coconut oil on the bread and warm it slightly in a toaster-oven or your regular oven. Don’t overheat the coconut oil.

I gave her the plain kombucha today. But I think it irritated her bladder a bit. But I gave her too much. I think I will wait a day and then start very slow with just a teaspoon. I am pretty sure she does good with the Edens sauerkraut. I am going to give her a small scoop (maybe tbsp) with each meal. Or is that too much?

No that’s not too much sauerkraut, and please continue adding more to the serving if she can tolerate it, but add only a very small amount each day. As far as the Kombucha, try diluting it a bit.

Sorry I don’t know how to quote..
**Try to keep in mind that the allergies and leaky gut are secondary to the Candida albicans infestation, and the leaky gut and allergies will not completely heal until the infestation has greatly diminished; this is why curing the infestation is more important at this point.**

This is a powerful statement. One that I have had in my gut lately. I am going to try to think this way from now on.

That’s very wise, cure the infestation and everything else will fall into place naturally as the body becomes more capable of healing itself.

We can’t do milk, would water kefir work? I am ordering the grains tomorrow!

Yes, water kefir is perfect if you are going to purchase the grains.

What about the sprouts? Are these no good for candida? I got broccoli sprouts, clover sprouts and alfalfa.

These are fine for her diet.

So in your opinion I should try all these things before the Nystatin?

Definitely have her take Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for three days at least before anything other than the vitamin C, and this includes before the Nystatin.
Always keep the toxins in the forefront of your mind when you choose something to feed or a supplement to give your daughter. The toxins are capable of making her exceedingly ill, and there’s always the possibility of liver damage, especially with a child if the die-off toxins are too strong, and we don’t want that to happen regardless of the progress of the treatment; her well being and health will always have to come before the treatment.

If you want to give her the Nystatin that’s fine. But always be aware of exactly what you are giving her and what the properties and capabilities are of each food or supplement because you don’t want to mix some of the supplements/food. For example, rutabaga is not only a healthy food, but it’s also a very strong antifungal, so you don’t want to feed her rutabaga without the protection of Molybdenum, and you don’t want to feed it to her while she’s taking Nystatin or at the same time as the coconut oil. I cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding the toxins in your daughter’s case. If you’re unsure, ask.

“Anything” that can kill Candida can also cause die-off toxins to build up.