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I know how you feel. I still get a burning on my tongue and the back of my throat…I can’t figure out why. Sometimes tongue is fine and others a coating on it as well as the roof of my mouth.

I just think I have this crud deep in my system. I kill some of it and then a new batch works its way to the top. I keep up with the oil pulling and drinking of lemon water. I drink 8 bottles of water plus all the hot lemon water I can manage down a day. With each cup of lemon water I put a half a squeezed lemon in it. Most of all it is the greek yogurt and kefir. I sooth my whole mouth with it. I look forward to the creamy goodness of that yogurt as if it were ice cream because I cream my whole mouth with it.

I also spend endless time cleaning my mouth. oil pulls, flossing, water pick, gargling with warm salt water etc. When I would swish that nysatin around in my mouth I would think my mouth was so clean and then when I was done doing that for 5 minutes I would go look in the mirror and have this thick foamy film around my gum line and covered over my silver fillings. It was so grose. I would take gauze and scrape that junk off. I figured it was clinging to bacteria/plaque on my teeth. I would then scrub my teeth as good as I could, floss, and wipe them down with gauze…then do the nysatin. Again, still theat foamy film. It literally made me sick to my stomach. Because I could see clearly that it was feading off something..I truly feel like I’m infected by this nasty monster. That was all the motivation I needed to never eat sugar etc. That gross visual for the 15 days I was on those meds was something I can’t and won’t forget. I don’t take the nysatin…so I don’t have that visual. But let me tell you I work very hard at keeping my mouth clean and not giving the candida that camps out in my mouth an open festival to eat off from.

Thomas, I don’t know if I’ll ever fully recover like our dear friend Able here, but I’m hopeful and faithful. I get mad when I make a stupid mistake because I pay for it right away.

I can also say that I was loosing a ton of hair that made me think I had a thyroid problem which runs in my family. Now I am not loosing all that hair. That is something to me that is interesting. I started the diet Nov 15th and that is not much time to notice the change. I also had a toenail that had a fungus growth under it and that has cleared up. So although the doctor told me I did not have this that I had thrush…I’m pretty sure I’m a true Candida canidate…just left on my own to heal and get better…much like Able and many others here.

You too will get better. You and I will heal because we will heal ourselves. It will take time, patience and self control. Maybe there are little signs that you are getting well but your not noticing them completely. I didn’t notice my hair not falling out until I was baking cookies and thought omg you didn’t pull your hair back. Then I started pulling on my hair and nothing was falling out. Then went and looked at brush…hardly anything there. Then I thought about how I was not cleaning shower floor or bathroom floor covered with hair. I had not noticed…so maybe there are small things that you too just are too close to see.

As far as the chicken…idk. I got so scared about eating too much meat I hardly eat any. Just eggs, yogurt and kefier are my main foods with lots of greens and cooked cabbage. I’m thinking I might try a sweet potato at the end of this week. Just for the color…lol. Hang in there. You know your feeling better than when you started. We have to have faith.

Good luck