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I started an intense exercise regimen at the start of the year, working out 5 times a week. I also had to start a good cleanse/detox due to cheating so much over the holidays. The first 2 weeks, I started slow and only did a couple workouts a week, concentrating on the detox due to not feeling good. The next 2 weeks I increased workouts, but still had die off symptoms. I tend to go in cycles of die-off/cleanse about every week and a half. I really started pushing myself at a month, and though had some die-off ickiness, I started to do so much better. I have found that by really pushing myself, sweating a lot , plus sweating in steam rooms and saunas, I feel I am detoxing faster than I have in the past. The heart is pushing it out faster. Of course I get a lot of red bumps on my torso from the detox, but it’s all good knowing it’s getting out. I am now at 2 months, I am still having die-off, however not feeling crappy anymore. I am starting to feel the best i have in years. The last area to detox is my lower back, and it is starting to feel good with no pain! (It gets stiff and sore due to candida in muscle and joints). So I would highly recommend upping your exercise routine to help cleanse. Start slow, because yes you will feel bad in the beginning. But keep at it! The one thing about exercising a lot, is it makes me want to eat healthy, so therefore it becomes less of a diet and more of a way of life. So in the end it will help you cleanse!