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Hi guys,

I like to say that it is possible to eat only or two meals a day and live a healthy life. There are teachings, especially the Chinese healing traditions which teach that there is a time where the intestines are not working and when they are working.
For thousands of years Chinese vegetarians have been eating one meal a day and stayed healthy many to very high age.

The intestines don’t work in the night so the last meal should be eaten around 20.00 hours, best would be 18.00 hours. In the morning one should eat not out of routine but if you are hungry. A person with body awareness is not hungry directly after he woke up, because the intestines and stomach have to start working waking up themselves. The time for the stomach to start working is between 9.00 and 11.00.
In these two windows one should eat. If you have a one time a day meal lifestyle then the time to eat would be between 9.00 and 11.00.

We have to much a thought about our body as a material thing, like a car, we have to fix and than we can drive off. But the body is much more like our planet, everything hangs together.

For me the change to a two meal a day did wonders. I am slowly going towards the one day meal a day. One can do that having one or two days a week like that in the beginning. 🙂