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Floggi;49295 wrote:
How’s the tooth doing? Are the bones underneath now free from infections? Infections inside the jaw bone can be really hard to get rid of, and they cause all kinds of nasty symptoms. I’ve been through this experience a number of times, and it’s no fun.

I’ve also learned new ways to clean my teeth. This was much longer ago, but it really did help. It’s about how to brush one’s teeth, how to clean the interdental spaces, when to brush and when not to brush. It helped me get rid of my bad breath.

Anyway, forget about the enemas, as they only reach a small part of your intestines and often do more harm than good. Focus on clean eating and good oral hygiene.

Thanks for your reply!
The tooth is actually worse than expected. I went to a specialist on thursday and they actually had to give me a 3d cat scan. They said I have one of the worst infections they’ve seen. I have a cyst the size of a marble above my upper molar and its pushing into my sinuses.

The first dentist gave me cipro last week but the specialist said that was the wrong antibiotic for thr job. So now im on metronidazole and pen v. I notice a little bit of improvement. My sinus pressure is a lil better after a day and my ears arent as itchy.

I have to go back this week as the dental surgeon was on vacation. The three dentists that were in talked me into waiting for his opinion in case the tooth can be saved but I think im leaning towards extraction. Ive already had it root canal oncr and it failed terribly. I also read on a dental forum once an infection gets bad enough. You can never fully get rid of it even with the root canal procedure.

Its no wonder I cant get better especially if my immube system is constantly being drained fighting this massive infection.

Btw. To anybody reading this. Dont take cipro. That stuff is thr worst antibiotic oj the market.