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dvjorge wrote: You continue repeating again and again what there isn’t any conclusive true about.

I’ve also posted again and again the proof in research in reference to my statements, only to have you to, again and again, negate the importance of the research by stating that you’re, “tired of research.” You have two faces in our debates, Jorge, and I never know which one you’re going to present. When I offer the research source you’re tired of it and wish not to see it again; if I do not post the research source, you claim my statements are inconclusive. You put me in a situation where I cannot meet your requirements for a debate, which I’m beginning to believe is your goal.

There are hundreds of medical papers citing other causes … You always cites scientific papers, well, there are many articles talking about what induce the yeast to mutate to fungus.

An alkalized intestinal environment is the only cause that ‘must’ be present in order to turn on the Candida growth gene allowing the yeast to become fungal.

It looks like you have read too much HV in Curezone when he has tried to imposes this theory of the acid/alkaline ph, but nobody following him has got any result.

I checked out Curezone again a while back to see if anything had changed about the forum, and I still found nothing there to learn from. If I want to read Curezone’s information on a Candida infestation, I don’t have to leave this website; I need only to read your posts, Jorge.

I didn’t notice an “Hv” in the Candida section, but whoever the person is, he/she isn’t the only person on earth with common sense and the ability to analyze, research, study –and learn.

It isn’t normal part of the flora …

Agreed, the C. albicans form may not be, but the normal Candida yeast are a part of the natural microbiota.

No all people have candida in the intestines in any form. Candida is part of the mucosal flora of around 80% of the population, but it is well known there are some who doesn’t have it in any form.

Even if that’s true, the point is, if you have or have had a Candida albicans infestation, you’re one of those 80%, however …

“Candida species are a normal part of the human microbiota and reside in low numbers in the mouth, vagina, and GI tract of healthy individuals.”
Research source: Pulmonary Division, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan and the University of California San Francisco. Published in PLoS Pathogens: A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal

The fact that a diet and natural substances give result to some doesn’t mean that it will do it in every case.

And just because it may not work for a small percent of the sufferers is a reason to ignore the information, is that what you mean?

I have dedicated thousands of hours to research this syndrome …. I have had enough time knowing and sharing experiences with hundreds battling this syndrome to know it.

We understand that you’re “The Expert” Jorge, and we’ll all merely your students, but some of us, strangely enough, can still read and learn for ourselves.

I don’t negate there is always something to learn.

If that’s an inference that I have stated the opposite, please post the link to my quote so that I may reprimand myself and apologize to the forum.

… and I honestly don’t need it. I have accumulated what I believe is more than enough to do everything possible so far to recover my health…

But, Jorge, didn’t you also type that you “don’t negate there is always something to learn”? What happened to that statement? Have you changed your mind so quickly?

The mutation of candida albicans to its pathogenic form isn’t ph dependable even when the alkaline Ph favors it..

Quote: “PHR2 (a Candida albicans gene) exhibited pH-conditional defects in growth and morphogenesis manifested at acid rather than alkaline pH values.”
Source Research: Institute of Hygiene und Microbiology, University of Würzburg, Germany
Morphogenesis: the biological process that causes an organism to develop itself.

The word “hyphal” below refers to the threadlike filaments that the Candida yeast forms as it changes into its pathogenic fungal form; this is how the Candida cells become attached to the intestinal walls and begin to penetrate causing the possibility of leaky gut syndrome. The above statement is stating that the Candida must raise the pH to alkaline in order to first become fungal and to perform the act of attaching its cells to the walls of the intestines.

Quote: “The fungal pathogen Candida albicans induces hyphal morphogenesis by raising extracellular pH.”
(The higher the pH, the more alkaline the substance or environment becomes.)

Quote source: The mBio Access Publication in association with the American Academy of Microbiology.