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Mouth tastes metallic sometimes, shit sometimes.

Hi! i also get that taste all the time, or used to anyway. i think it was the excess meat i was eating and yoghurt and carbs probably. It tasted like a sewerage in my mouth, and when i spoke or opened my mouth to breathe it was a strong smell.

I am currently undergoing the candida diet solely to eliminate bad breath, even though i know that eating meat alot will give me bad breath. but i’m looking to get rid of or just get used to the candida diet so that i can control candida first before reducing my meat daily intake (because i feel so hungry if i just eat vegies and a few pieces of meat). But whenever i eat sweet foods or the time when i ate so much white bread (refined carbs) i’d get this taste on my tongue that wouldn’t go away and it tasted yucky like a really deep taste that took over my whole mouth kind of thing and my mouth felt so dry. i wonder if you get that problem too when you have eaten refined carbs?

Or anyone who has been worried of foul breath and thought that candida is the culprit?

I think candida is one of the culprits for me (the other one is protein: meat) because whenever i eat anything with a dough (such as samosa, pies (any pies), bread), or ketchup , or soups (i think they put yeast in it), sugary foods, cakes, sweet foods, alcohol, basically gluten, yeast, and sugary foods then i get that really sickening taste on my tounge and when i breathe through my mouth (like just one or puffs in the air in front of me) then i can smell this strong smell. I wonder if you get that too? And also a white tounge?

Thanks Ichigo13