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Hello Raster 🙂
Thank you very much for your reply.. You know I feel like I want just to break down and cry every single day… To be honest with you, candida has taken over my face, nails and stomach as well. I dont worry about my nails and stomach too much , but I really want my face back – every day I have swollen eyes, dark circles, floaters in the eyes and so sensitive eyes to anything and my nails are completely yellow and I either have diarrhea or constipation (and that is just some of my symptoms and I used to have so beautiful face, I feel like this is a punishment for something I did 🙁 you know I feel so …. just so down 🙁 And similarly to you , I dont see myself happy and symptoms free in the future, just as you did, but I really really hope 🙁 How about the greek yogurt from tescos? Is that going to be ok or should I just check the sugar content in it yeah ? Ok I will try to save brown rice and quinoa for stage 2. So buckwheat it is, are the buckwheat flakes ok as well ? I will try to limit the tomato intake for 1 per day I hope that is not going to be so bad. I wanted to ask you, I admire you for the fact that you are on the diet for already 4 months, but how did you manage ? I mean, how about going out, meeting friends, celebrations, etc. or is it something I have to give up for a while ?
Jenny 🙂