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Hi Jenny,

I just want to say that you are not alone in regards to the depression, loneliness, and the feeling that you cannot control candida and that it has ruined you. I once felt this way as well, and I couldn’t imagine the day that I would start to feel better.

Having been on the diet for 4 months now, I feel really great and am more or less symptom free.

In the diet you mentioned; I would alter a few food items if possible until phase 2. Primarily the nuts/seeds could be problematic because they contain molds/fungals. Oh and the chocolate…that cannot continue! You know it, it is setting you back! Tomatoes and rice are other things to consider removing; tomatoes are a fruit that contain sugar and rice has small amounts of gluten. Buckwheat is a much better alternative to rice that has almost the same flavor and texture. If you absolutely have to have tomatoes, it won’t set you back too much during the diet.

I wouldn’t worry about phase 2 too much yet because its a ways away; just know that during phase 2 you can handle more bad foods. You won’t change the supplements very much at that point, maybe just less antifungals.

During the die-off period, I recommend the use of saunas, steam rooms, or even a hot bath at home to help sweat those toxins out. This will almost completely nullify the die off symptoms and will help you recover more quickly.

While I haven’t disagreed with able’s statements about molybdenum so far, I do not agree with this statement “It’s not going to harm you.” Molybdenum removes many minerals from your body; mainly metals such as copper, zinc, iron, etc. Your body in general needs these minerals to get better and it could pull out too much from your body depending on your chemistry, makeup, etc. Molybdenum does help heal your gut and does a bunch of other beneficial things; but there is a downside to using molybdenum. Molybdenum can cause diarrhea, growth retardation, infertility, low birth weight and gout; it can also affect the lungs, kidneys and liver.

Undeceonic acid is also an alternative to capryllic acid (aka coconut oil). Dr. Mccoomb states that capryllic acid is only effective the first 6-8 weeks on the diet and after that time, the candida can adapt to it and its less effective. If you’ve already started taking it, I would just use undeceonic acid afterwards when it is done.

Another probiotic to consider is HMF neuro; it contains human micro flora which will bind to your intestine walls better than other bovine related probiotics. I would alternate the probiotics you take throughout the treatment to get different kinds in the gut.