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Croc wrote: I read tons and tons of articles and forums about Candida. And I know nothing.

It’s so frustrating that one opinions negate others. Some people just want to sell crap, others cannot interpret their reactions correctly.

So Candida itself is good, right? But overgrowth is not. Okay, I believe that. This is the only understandable fact out there.

I don’t really believe in probiotics’. Where are proofs that they work? Treating candidiasis is so long-term activity that nobody knows what works and what doesn’t.

There’s always more left to learn than there is available knowledge when it comes to the body, but we certainly know enough to get going in the right direction.

Candida doesn’t thrive in a pH below neutral, and it doesn’t like being crapped on with SCFAs and pulled away from the mucousal lining of the gut. It doesn’t deal well with being surrounded by increasing numbers of indigenous beneficial bacteria either. This is why probiotics are helpful, if not essential for most people.

Reading crappy opinions is going to do you less good than finding out why candida is able to have a free reign inside your gut. What’s the environment in your gut like? Are you missing bacterial species? Can you do anything to improve digestion? What are you doing to reduce candida’s numbers? What’s wrong with your immune system? Do you have vitamin/mineral, mucous or hormone deficiencies? Are you eating too much/not enough fat/protein/carbohydrate? Are their any other environmental or lifestyle factors still negatively affecting your health?

If you’re not satisfied with people’s opinions, then start trying to find your own answers.