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Most people who have CRC (candida related complex) got it from prior antibiotic use. Another vector for infection is sexual intercourse and kissing (saliva). Additionally, you do consume some antibiotics found in regular dairy, so this could have negative consequences.

I personally wouldn’t do the diet and treatment plan unless I have a diagnosis because this is a very expensive long term battle that typically last 6-18+ months and costs a few hundred bucks per month.

The most common symptoms are allergies, oral thrush, and rectal itching. Do you have any of these symptoms? If not, you could have a general gut flora imbalance or lack stomach acid. There are a variety of illnesses similar to CRC (candida related complex) such as SIBO (small bacteria overgrowth), h.pylori, strept, mono, etc.

You can also potentially get a diagnosis with a regular doctor or an allergist.

In general, you most likely have inflammation of the gut which causes the bloating.