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Thank you Raster, Kag, Alexalgebra and Clare for your responses to my posts.

To answer some of your questions:

* Raster: Yes I am also doubting whether I have candida, and am trying some more tests (stool tests) with my doctor. Problem is that I’ve had a range of blood & stool tests before over 10 yrs, & they never showed up much of interest, except ‘possible presence of yeasts’ and that I wasn’t digesting all my fats and proteins (would be pretty common in most of the population I reckon!). Anyhow this new stool test is comprehensive and tests for a number of different things (incl heavy metals) so we will see.

* Kag & Raster: The reason I’ve thought candida is the problem so far is because of the intense symptoms that only seem to go away temporarily with very large doses of antifungals. No other illness can explain this…except maybe the ones Raster mentions (parasites, h.pylori and SIBO). I thought about something like this. But my last stool test ruled these out I think. Plus I hoover down heaps of olive leaf and Chinese Wormwood every night. It would be impossible for any of the above to survive in my gut surely! But I will raise this with my doctor.

* Raster: thanks for the tip about ‘liver symptoms’ Can you tell me more about these?

* Kag: Definitely worried about the idea of a supercharged yeast. It seems like the symptoms are closing in on me, and I’m having to go on stricter and stricter diets, and take more and more of the antifungals, just to keep symptoms at bay. 4-5 yrs ago things were not great but I could at least eat a range of things & get by with a wormwood & olive leaf tea at night. But lately I get reactions from everything I eat, within 30 mins, if it is not from the strict candida diet. Plus on top of that I have to avoid a heap of foods with high amines and salicylates, because they make me feel sick too (in a different way).

* Kag: have been working on taking a lot of probiotics, especially milk kefir. UNfortunately it hasn’t worked. No real change in symptoms. I thought it was helping early on, but I was also on holidays so I think it was just the lack of stress. Now I am back at work, I reckon I am actually reacting badly when I take too much kefir. If anything I think it feeds whatever is in the gut, or causes the very reactions I am seeking to control.

* All: I got a private message from someone on this forum who suggested that my condition may not be candida, but yeast/mold hypersensitivity (slight difference). The theory is that it’s not candida toxins that are causing the symptoms, but hypersensitivity to yeast/mold.

This makes some sense, and would explain why my symptoms go away so quickly after taking various antifungals, and come back so quickly after eating or drinking the wrong foods and drinks. It would also explain why my symptoms get worse when I am tired or stressed, and better on holidays (when believe it or not I could even drink the odd beer so long as I kept up the kefir and nightly olive leaf & wormwood tea). This would also explain why I’ve never seemed to have much of a die-off problem or problems with passing stools – ie. there is no candida problem at all, it’s just that my body is reacting in a very exaggerated way to the very tiny bit of yeast that is in the gut. Does this sound right?

Can anyone on this forum comment on this ‘hypersensitivity’ theory and whether it has affected them? Is it different to candida or part and parcel of the same disease state? What are the treatments and are they different from candida treatments? **I’d like to know in particular, do I concentrate on getting the remaining amount of yeast out of the gut (even if it is tiny)? Or do I switch the focus to something else, like ways (if they exist) to stop the body being hypersensitive to what are normal levels of yeast?