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impossible;54433 wrote: Mild cases, such as myself, respond favorably to a not eating very much sulfur foods. If I overdo it for even a couple days I still get foggy though. Some people dont get better unless they eliminate all of them. I know it can be tough, but it can be so worth it if you need it. Heartfixer has a good writeup on forbidden cbs foods. Perhaps someone following following a strict diet (I dont anymore, dont have to) and the cbs diet can chime in. I plan on getting the cbs thread going, Ive been putzing around looking things up and reading some studies and articles when I get the chance, if it works out it should be a good thread. Im seeing ALOT of people here with cbs mut’s and active sulfur intolerance. Yucca root capsules are what everyone uses as far as I know.

What are your leaky gut/inflammation symptoms? Perhaps an elimination diet or IgG test would help out with that. Mild anti-inflammatories wont help much until the source of the inflammation is removed. Foods can be a big one. Lets work on the inflammation and cbs first. Lets work on getting your diet nailed down.

How good or bad are your candida symptoms?

Thanks for all of your insight Impossible. I have already begun removing all of the obvious sulfur offending foods while I research for the rest of the lower % foods to remove as well. As far as leaky gut symptoms, my lower stomach is visually inflamed. It does make me feel a little stiff. My joints pop and snap. I have a lack of energy or motivation from time to time. However, I’m unsure if that could be a byproduct of the Sulfur overload or maybe even Candida. I also deal with hormonal issues as well.

Your mindset to focus on the inflammation seems to be a good one. Hopefully the Sulfur foods could be the culprit. I’ll update again once I have had enough time on the new diet.