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impossible;54475 wrote: I was actually coming on here to mention having your vit D level checked. It would be a good idea.

Inflammation can be triggered by a myriad of things. The biggest things are infections and food. If your candida symptoms are minimal, look into food. Do you tend to feel best in the morning? The coming and going nature of it suggests food involvement too.

DMSA is a pretty potent anti-inflammatory, it has certain effects on the immune system that are different from other anti-inflammatories. It works in such a way that counteracts alot of the effects of chronic inflammation that people with problems like ours or cfs’ers/autistics have. It will make you feel better even if you have an active infection, which can be a bad thing. Thats why DMSA is known to “feed candida”.

A decent quick test for CBS/sulfur status. Get some sulfate test strips (I got mine from amazon) and check first thing in the morning. I use a cup and do a QUICK dip and check it immediately. I find I get the best results that way. Should be 400 or less. Sulfite strips can also be used, this will more or less check the function of the SUOX enzyme. If it is elevated at all, lower sulfur intake and increase molybdenum intake.

So it appears DMSA is being used to chelate metals. It certainly seems risky if it feeds the Candida. I’ll have to read up on it. I was planning on ordering the Sulfur strips from Amazon as well. It really makes sense to know where my levels are at. If my body isn’t holding in Sulfur, maybe it wouldn’t be necessary to remove all Sulfur based foods. I was reading somewhere on a thread I believe on Phoenix RIsing, Dr Amy Yasko doesn’t recommend people necessarily remove all Sulfur foods if they are homogeneous CBS. The ability of many of the sulfur super foods could still be detoxing the body through other pathways. Of course you can’t have dangerous levels present.