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moochpb;37437 wrote: Why do some naturpaths say eat veggies and stuff like that for carbs. Then you have others that say eat some brown rice, red potatoes, lentils, stuff like that.? Its very confusing because we are supposed to trust these people. Then eat a ton of meat then I get told not to eat a lot of meat. I guess it might be different because of body types or something also. But again very annoying and confusing. I m just glad the antifungals I m on are doing a good job

When I first tried this diet about a year and half ago, that was my biggest complaint was the conflicting information between what supposedly feeds the Candida and what doesn’t. That is mainly why I became so frustrated and quit the diet.

I believe since Able & Raster created their strict diet list you now have a road map. Before someone on the forum would say Carrots are fine and someone else would say don’t eat carrots. They basically weeded out all of the iffy type foods.

Mooch, Why not try this diet for a few months strictly and not see your naturopath during that time. You’ll instantly have more money for veggies and supplements and if your symptoms begin to go away then no need to go back to the naturopath. Your Naturopaths diet may have iffy items on his Candida diet list such as, “Brown Rice” It’s almost like your trying to combine 2 different diets at the same time. Have you tried giving this diet a legitimate chance on it’s own for a decent length of time?