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to be honest i always eaten fresh tomatoes since i’m sick.
I just remove the skin because i have problem to digest it but really no problem about tomatoes.
Raw vegetables are always a good choice for candida cause also give you minerals that you lose when you stop eat fruits. You can integrate with minerals/vitamins supplement too like i do.
Things apart are knowing right quantities that you asked for.
About that i can say that it’s up of each one of us because our bodies, lifestyles, metabolisms are all different. I can tell you to consume 3000calories per day but might be few for you.
I experimented almond for example but for me is not good. I go with hazelnuts and coconuts. Avocado too is good. I integrate a lot with olive oil in every meal i do. I consume 60/80gr. of it everyday because have few sature fats. For 100ml of olive oil 14G are sature instead for 100ml of coconut oil 86grams are sature! To keep carbs on a so low quantity (50gr) you need compensate with high calories foods. Could be useful contact a dietologist like i did. It’s true about what you’ve said many thigns seems are mixed up because reaction of people is different. For example you told about almond milk but i can’t drink it at all. That’s not mean you can’t too. You need test sometimes what works for you and adjust the diet accordingly. If you follow my advise and visit dietologist i’m sure you will find a better approach on the diet which is 70% of the cure in my opinion.