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monita wrote: After almost two months on the diet being really strict with myself and starting to see some results, I found out from Able’s allowed food list that I should not have been eating red peppers, tomatoes or carrots. I had removed all cooked carrots as I knew that their glycaemic index was much higher once cooked but had been adding a little raw carrot to salads.
Unfortunately this new information sent me in a spiral of both disappointment and utter dispair. I felt like all the time cleansing and working hard at such a restrictive diet had been in vain. So I lapsed. I had a ‘normal Sandwhich, grains for a few days and a cream doughnut out of pure rebellion.

Reply: Very silly reaction first of all, and not at all necessary, now was it? You didn’t screw up that badly first of all, there were a lot, and I mean a LOT of foods you could have been eating that would have been worse than the ones you’ve named. Then there’s the fact that even though you seem to think it was, all the time you spent on the cleanse and diet were not wasted.
So I ‘really’ wish you had written about this on the forum before you made the real mistake, which was eating the donut and grains, and what’s worse, you knew you were making a mistake this time.

Quote: I think I experienced this because I feel so alone in this. Nobody I know understands or has heard of the condition. My friends are getting a bit upset I can’t join them for drinks at the weekend or go out to a restaurant because I can’t eat anything on the menu.

Reply: Everyone who has had Candida albicans knows what you’re talking about, because they’ve all been through that part of it all, try to keep that in mind, that you’re by no means the first person ever to live through it. But this is where I believe, for the most part at least, male and females differ with their infestation and subsequent treatments. Women are really bothered by not being supported in their effort of a treatment and want people around them to understand, whereas a lot of men will go through it perfectly alone (more or less) without the support or understanding, which as you know is extremely difficult to obtain. Usually this is nothing more than your loved ones not being able to relate to the problem as so many have never even heard of such a thing as a Candida infestation. This is why I personally believe it’s best to never mention the word “Candida” to them and instead talk about your sudden onset of a terrible allergy instead (which in effect a Candida infestation is).

Quote: I know I need to start again, my bloating came back with gusto and my brain fog got worse again.

Reply: Well, that’s because there are more Candida now than there were before you gave them a feast of sugar and grains. Feeding them is nourishing them and therefore allowing them to thrive and grow in numbers.

Quote: My question is though, do I need to do another cleanse and start from the beginning or can I just start with the candida diet proper?

Reply: You’ll be fine if you just start back on the diet and stay on it this time no matter what mistakes you may or may not make (by the way, everyone makes them whether intentionally or not). And if you do make one, please let your response be to come online to the forum and vent on us instead of your body. We’re more likely to understand and the response from us will be much milder than what you’ve experienced by doing the opposite.

Be sure to drink lots of water.