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If you are serious about fighting candida, then you will abstain from wheat, cheese, and yeast. If you are not serious about fighting candida then you will eat a diet that is “more” healthy than you current one but not good enough to get better.

Cheese contains a type of sugar called lactose and candida can feed on this just as easily as other forms of sugar such as sucrose or glucose.

This is not a sugar elimination diet because sugar exists in nearly all foods. This is a low sugar diet where you only eat natural forms of sugar that exist in vegetables and other foods, etc.

There is about 3g of sugar in a head of lettuce. There is about 5g of sugar in a red onion. You need these foods to survive, so you have to eat sugar.

But this doesn’t mean you should go out and eat white sugar, cane sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc. Its all the same pretty much and all are bad for the diet.

We also feel that certain foods should be reduced as well. This includes molds (in nuts and seeds), dairy (lactose), starch (carrots, potatoes, corn, etc), high GI (glycemic index) foods, grains, etc.

We have a strict forum food list if you are interested. If so, email able900 for a link. You are welcome to experiment of course but many of us have already done that and went to the strict food list.