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I am 5 and a half weeks in and tearing my hair out.

I don’t know if this post will have any point other than letting me vent.

I have back problems. Mysteriously I have had NO back pain during the die-off period – until two days ago when it returned with a vengeance. My mindset has also been pretty good – until about 2 days ago. I now feel flat. Its odd to feel as though I am falling apart when I am right near the end!!!

Symptoms? Same old. Mood swings. Anxiety. Agitation. Night sweats. Muscle pain. Extreme fatigue. Some diarrhea and constipation. Fluctuating appetite. Poor concentration. Blah blah. I take milk thistle and clay and husks et al to try and lessen the die off.

I have been off work for a year and a half with ‘cfs’. This candidiasis avenue is new and suggested by a new doctor. I guess some of my anxiety is about whether this diet and the anti-fungals et al will make a major difference. Or am I going to end this die off period and be stuck with cfs at a similar intensity? The cfs specialist says that I am unlikely to return to work. The doctor who suggested candidiasis thinks this could be the whole problem. Argh. Time will tell. I am having a hair and minerals test.

I had been through a rough patch before this illness a year and a half ago. I feel like I am entitled to a break. But obviously illness doesn’t work like that.