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Able900;9759 wrote: There’s a good chance that sometime during your treatment you’ll experience something called “die-off” symptoms. The medical term for this is the “Herxheimer reaction.” Die-off symptoms are reactions which the body experiences when trying to eliminate the aldehydes and other toxins which are produced by dying Candida. These are simply a response to the toxins as they’re expelled by the Candida into the body. The aldehydes can cause the following symptoms:

•skin breakouts (rash)
•fuzzy thinking
•inability to focus
•general moodiness, angry outbursts
•joint & muscle pain
•flu-like body aches
•sore throat
•need for more sleep
•gas & bloating

When living Candida cells die, the cells discharge toxins called aldehydes. The toxins move into the bloodstream from where they move into various organs including the liver where they have the potential of causing severe liver damage. Enough of the toxins being processed at the same time by the liver can cause “toxic liver overload” and as you might imagine, this can cause all sorts of problems and pain in the liver area including the gallbladder.

Die-off Symptoms & Dangers Can Be Prevented
As far as preventing the symptoms of die-off are concerned, one product that will help considerably with the symptoms is called Molybdenum, which is a trace mineral found naturally in the human body. This product will detox the poisons from your body including your kidneys and your liver where they can cause the most dangers.

Purchase only Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate, this should be on the label listed under ‘Ingredients’ – also in the pill form in a 250 mcg dose; you can take up to 250 mcg of Molybdenum three times a day when the symptoms are at their worse, but start with just one dose, and you can take it at any time of the day with or without food. The pill form is much more convenient than the liquid. Start the Molybdenum right away – before you experience the die-off effects.

Another product for die-off is called Candidate by Native Remedies. This comes in a liquid form and will help with severe headaches and other symptoms on an immediate basis; because of this, you don’t need to take it unless you begin to feel a die-off reaction approaching.

If you live in a country where it’s imposible to obtain Molybdenum, the information on this link should help you.
Die-Off without Molybdenum (alternate remedies)

Let us know if you have questions.

Sorry you forgot to put SEVERE FOOD CRAVINGS as a die off effect.