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Thomas wrote:

Hi everybody, days before I was concerned because I was taking SF722 and no die-off symtomps, well, they are back, I am still with the diet ( concern about my weight though) and taking the SF722 and oregano oil and garlic pills not at the same time but thru the day, I hope the combination is doing something, I feel dizzy, brain-foggy, sleepy and nauseas and itchy eyes again, besides I add coconut oil to my food, and take Multivitamins, calcium, molybdenum, Milk Thistle and Vitamin C.

I did slow down with the Yogurt, just once a day, I love it, but I think I have an intollerance because my joints are swollen in the morning when I have a lot.

Anyone have a tip how to gain weight without messing up the diet ( I eat lots of avocado so that one does not help)

I wish you all a blessed happy New Year!!


Most of the candida die-off symptoms are caused by acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is produced by the fungus and is very toxic to the body. It is not excretated but accumulate in body tissues, muscles, and joins. It causes pain, irritation, and a general toxic state affecting the brain and vision. Chelated Molybdenum (a mineral) brakes down acetaldehyde in acetic acid, then the detox organs are able to excrete it. This is why molybdenum is important to detox acetaldehyde. It doesn’t affect your liver in any way. Die-off can occur at any time during a treatment, sometimes, it goes and comes depending on the diet and supplements. Take Molybdenum, high doses of Vitamin C, and fiber.
Regarding to yogurt, becareful, many candida sufferers can not tolerate it because they are developed Casein intolerance and have antibodies against it. Casein is a top allergen.

Hi Jorge, thank you for the info. I have a question about the molybdenum. Mine is not good for anything. I have Potassium Molybdate from Metabolics. It doesn nothing. When I feel extremely bad and take it nothing happens. Why are there different Molybdates around. You are talking about chelated Molybdenum what is that. Which ones are actually working? Why do they have different names or is mine ok but simply not working for my case?

Is there casein in Kefir too? I feel so terrible now for some days that I have to make a change or I get nuts. I am planning to stop with the SF722 and the yoghurt and the kefir.



What you need is Chelated Molybdenum (the mineral). The concentration of molybdenum in the product you are taking is low.
Regarding to Kefir, yes, it contain Casein (all diary have it) I am not too fan of Kefir in spite it may give you benefits because of the beneficial bacterias. People with candidiasis don’t respond in the same way. In fact, kefir is banned in many candida protocols, even more than plain yogurt. It is a matter of tasting how you react to it. Sometimes, the amount of lactose is a concern in spite the bacterias may use all. There are candida species which don’t ferment lactose and it isn’t a growing media for them, but other do. ! It is almost impossible to realize if it will cause damage or not. IMO, it should be used when you don’t experiment symptoms. It means the infection is under control. You can add it later and get benefits of it or react to it. Again, it is individual. There isn’t diet, protocol, or treatment that work standard for everyone. Each person has to adapt the treatment to his/her own case.