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Hi, there 🙂 You know, another thing to consider when trying to decide whether or not to “power through” a high dosage of antifungals is the inevitable strain that die off is going to put on your kidneys and liver. Personally, I’m an advocate of aiming for “gentle” die off as much as possible. That would mean first following the diet for a week or two to let some of the initial die off take place, then introducing antifungals in relatively low amounts, then gradually increasing them, all the while following the diet closely and drinking a TON of pure water. Water helps so much with easing die-off symptoms! The general recommendation is to drink 1 ounce per 2 lbs. of your body weight. So, since I weigh around 160 lbs, I would drink around 80 ounces of water (although, I’m nearly 7 months pregnant and I drink far more than that!). I also think it’s a good idea to support your kidneys with herbal teas like nettle as they are handling increased toxins from the die off. Your whole body needs **care**, not just the elimination of candida. You might be able to get through die off faster with a pumped up antifungal schedule, but you’re likely going to pay for it in one way or the other. Just my two cents.

Hope it helps 🙂